These are the "clues" we're still waiting to have resolved, some of which obviously play into the Zarek/Gaeta coup subplot and others, well ... we'll see won't we?

2 - "And the Fifth, still in shadow, will claw toward the light" quote
5 - baby Cylon image
6 - Head-Six asks Baltar "If you were one of the Old Gods, which one will it be?" vid clip
7 - Last Supper without Roslin image
10 - Scene with Gaeta confronting Baltar before the coup goes south vid clip
11 - Twelve tolls of a bell audio clip snippet
14 - Adama, post coup, notices structural tears in Galactica vid clip
16 - Ethereal "Do you remember what we said on New Caprica?" audio clip
20 - Ellen returns [probably] (in the Raptor piloted by Base Ship Sharon)
28 - Kara sits and plays piano with an unknown man

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