Even David Eick seems a bit skeptical in this moment ... Battlestar Galactica reimagined was Ron Moore's baby. But we all know that television and film is a "collaborative medium" blah blah. Now that BSG has gone so terribly wrong, we have the right to ask just how much is it Mr. Moore's fault? He's almost gloated how he let the writers' room run itself at times and been so busy with other projects, etc. News flash=you'll probably never work on another show that was as special as Battlestar Galactica from the mini through Rapture.

If we could get into that brain of Moore's and find out which part malfunctioned ... which part made the choices to cheapen the story and make pathetic such a magnificent show and when it all went so wrong, it would be interesting to know.

Does he even deserve many of the accolades bestowed upon him for the mini and the early seasons?

Did that executive, Michael Jackson, who suggested the Cylons have their own god and to play up the religious conflict, really make the key decision that made the show so interesting?

Don't be thin-skinned, Mr. Moore, the controversy David Chase manifested with his bold ending for The Sopranos is nothing compared to the tempest you've whipped up with your choices to skip a 5th season, play that Dylan song, make Ellen the Final Cylon, and make a pretty crappy final season. The criticism is going to come in waves for quite a while if and until you r
edeem yourself with some other project. It's too late for Battlestar, regretfully.

I've created a little song (to the tune of The Brady Bunch) to sum up what went wrong:


Here's a story of some lazy writers ... led by their guru Ron Moor

Their goal was to reima
Battlestar Galactica for today

It started great - the mini rocked
and they won lots of terrific awards

Then they ran into plotline trouble ... far too many of to keep track
So they dumped them, or let them dangle
and then decided to cut the series short

SciFi screwed the fans ... and made us wait
and wait and wait ... and wait, and wait and wait and wait

This presented real problems for the ending
... to the rescue came guru Ron Moore
Now it's a story of a slutty lady
who worked with four others in a lab

They didn't know that they were robots
till just before their "Earth" went KA-BLAM
Smartly they had a spaceship waiting
with Goo Tanks so they could resurrect

Then they left for the twelve colonies
to warn them to treat their flesh-bots right
This once grandiose and complex story

has now been rendered trite

The Lazy Bunch ... The Lazy Bunch
That's how true fans were screwed.

I would love nothing more, Mr. Moore, than for you to prove me wrong - and for the
final 3 eps to be brilliant and make whole this lovely thing which has fractured. I'm ready to be served. Can you do it?


radii said...

Ron Moore,

You're not allowed to comment

Just take it

Potiphar Breen said...

Random thoughts and observations:

Boomer on trial for treason...

What next, a transcylon AC-DC?

Looks like my other fav, Nip/Tuck, caught the RDM disease at the same time. RIP Sean & Christian.

Can't anything NOT be filmed in Vancouver with Canadian actors?

I miss FARSCAPE so very much...Aussies rule in production values & acting...missing Lexx too...

Baltar having coitus with the new improved Galactica.

Damn stupid piano.

Ye Gods!!

Anonymous said...

You think the ending to Battlestar Galactica is more controversial than the ending to The Sopranos? Let's be honest - The Sopranos was much more popular and well-known than Galactica, and the ending of Sopranos made the 6:00 national news. Somehow, I don't think they'll be giving any airtime to Galactica.

radii said...


Only referenced Sopranos because Moore was so ga-ga for the fade-to-black ending Chase did


Aussies rule at creature costumes too - Farscape aliens were the best - ever