The extended teaser for Blood On the Scales (linked in a post below) has Roslin feeling good and kicking ass on the rebel Cylon Base Ship. I like, of course, but wasn't she just wallowing in self-pity and humiliation and detoxing from her meds? She now is out to save her man. Cue the theme song:

Ultimate 70s cheese - see and hear it >>>here<<<


Drew said...

god you're such a whiny bitch. you just refuse to happy with anything don't you? why don't you scrape together a few million dollars, and create your own fucking ending? just because the show isn't goin the way that YOU wanted it to, doesn't mean it isn't good. i started reading this blog a few months ago in the lead up to 4.5, and ever since 4.5 started you've just turned into a spoiled little kid.

Roslin is finally showing some backbone. And it's not just about saving her man, it's about stopping Zarek too. Something VERY BAD is happening, and she's realizing she can't just sit around mope anymore. IT's good to ee the old Roslin back, it's good to see her get angry again, to try and get some results.

Also as for your other post about jumping the shark, this isn't Lost dude.

1. how was the pegasus prolonged? Razor was fine, it filled in gaps, told a really human story, and set up some more information for the show's mythology and final season.

2. Baltar new what she would do with it, it was a PLOT DEVICE.

3. Again Fast-forwarding=PLOT DEVICE. As for the Cylon explanation, if Caprica Six and Boomer could convince the 6's and 8's, why not the rest, or at least 2 more model lines, for a majority.

4. Lee getting fat also plot device, and to show how he'd given up after loosing Kara and NEw Caprica. The Lee-Kara-Anders-Dualla plot was well done, now you're just splittin hairs.

5. AS for your complaints on these three episodes see your #12 bitching. Though I will give it to you, black market was kind of lame, but not so bad.

6. I'm not even gonna bother with this one. IF you don't get it, or think it was a bad idea, there really is no hope for you.

7. it's a TEASE for the next season, something to makes us excited.

8. Have you read any of the interviews, or listened to any of the commentary for the new episodes? Anders performed this song for the final 5 in thier old lives on Earth, it's a common memory, one triggered by something as yet unexplianed. plus, its a really good fucking song. BEar McCreary's brother sang it. You should check out the dude's myspace, he's a great musician.

9. From what i hear Lucy Lawless has other commitments (a singing career? ugh.) so she had a short comback, and the attack on th hub...they were being aided by Cylons, of course it was fucking easy.

10. not gonna bother, again, this just seems to be you being a bitch.

11. why not ellen? . Ellen fits, the shows has been written well enough that it could have been about 10 different characters, but they went with ellen, big deal, i'm glad. i alway liked the ellen/saul storylines, they portray a fucked up yet loving relationship, not a perfect one, but a definately modern one.

12. see your number 6.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you Drew, this guy is like a spoiled child. Stop crying over things you have no control over, if you don't like the show, just fuck off, don't cry about it you mard arse

radii said...

thanks for the comments my minions

... this is an entertaining blog, if nothing else, with lots of pretty pictures you don't get on most others

Here is my explanation for my choices in "shark" post (I was debating whether to put it up, but I will in response to Drew)

You seem to forget that I love the show, I just expect excellence from what is at times art. I don't like gimmicks or laziness from professionals. And I did do my own version, which, frankly - if you like science fiction over action-adventure, is better. You can link it on Battlestar: Variant 1 upper right.

- - - - -

I tend to think Aristotle is right, when it comes to drama there needs to be Unity of Time, Unity of Place, and Unity of Action for a piece to be most successful in capturing and holding an audience. It is through this lens that I view the errors of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica:

1. For as long as the Pegasus subplot dragged on they didn't really do more than a superficial job of showing the friction between crews and more importantly in terms of dramatic structure, they subsumed our hero leader's (Adama) position to that of Cain's (even if temporarily). Then the endless subplots with subsequent commanders. Razor was a waste of time except for about 6 minutes of the original Hybrid backstory and "Husker."

2. Other than Baltar trying to win over the love of the only Six model around, there is no explanation of why he would ultimately give the damaged and aloof Pegasus-torture-victim Six a nuclear device and why he was party to her blowing up some fleet vessels.

3. Moore and the writers think they were very clever by jumping the story ahead 18 months (or whatever it was), but it almost killed the show. I think it was laziness or pretentiousness, or both. Whatever the reason, it diverted the primary thrust of the drama away from the journey. There were terrific moments to the Occupation subplot, but we were stalled. The reason the Cylons give for ending their attacks and instead establishing an apartheid state with them in charge were weak and it made no sense for them to attack after that if they were willing to live in a relative "peace" for all that time.

4. Latex. [fat Lee] This was just a waste of time.

5. These episodes were each pretty terrible. [stand-alones: Woman King, etc.]

6. Unnecessary. [Kara/Anders tattoos]

7. Showing the audience Earth (with the Florida peninsula) so early on, killed the journey aspect of the great quest. The audience was shown it was real, it is there, and that our characters will indeed find it, eventually. The anticipation aspect of the dramatic arc was slain.

8. Using a contemporary song specific to the culture of the audience takes the audience out of the realm of suspension of disbelief and has their minds trying to link the drama they are witnessing to the here-and-now and and reality. You limit their imagination. Dumb. Pretentious. Self-indulgent.

9. D'Anna was one of the most interesting characters and had several high-points in the whole story, yet she is brought back bitter and kept around as a pro-forma instrument to advance the plot and then dispensed with when her character's journey is so much more interesting than many of the others and from her perspective many of the revelations would resonate so much more. [If they'd offered her more money she'd have canceled the singing dates ... but SciFi had to make Rock Monster III or something]

10. [Cinder Earth] Again, kills the journey aspect of the story, is premature, or grossly manipulative if it is diversionary.

11. Making a secondary character so integral to the climax of a story has to be grounded in foreshadowing which came earlier for it to really resonate and other then her initial appearance being suspicious, the audience knows of no other relevance for her. Making a major character such as Roslin, Baltar or even Adama the 5th and Final Cylon places a hidden power in a position of power already to manipulate events. It's never been made clear to the audience that Ellen was ever in a position to manipulate events past, present or future until one line from a flashback in the final moments of Sometimes A Great Notion.

12. Other than meetings, a labor revolt, black market activities, election events, a prison revolt, and a few other instances we have had almost no sense of how others are living in this fleet of tens of thousands of people.