The tragi-comedy that is now Battlestar Galactica dives deeper into ________ in the upcoming ep Deadlock.

Tricia Helfer is asked to do her best Meryl Streep as she attempts to depart at the train station, er, hangar deck for points beyond ... either choosing her new man, Tigh, or her baby, 6.1

Since that sexpot floozy Ellen is back I'm pretty sure we can all guess who was left on the platform and what "luggage" was smuggled out.

Introducing a major character in the Third Act is a cardinal no-no in drama, but since Moore and the writers seem to have run out of creative steam starting in the middle of the Second Season and were clearly on empty by the end of the Third Season I guess we shouldn't be surprised that Cylon Model #7, Daniel, is made a central focus of the story.

Daniel you're my brother, you are older than me:

Daniel Graystone, the "man" who started it all this cycle, or repeating time? Holy Caprica-tie-in Batman!

Maybe this is the Daniel they mean:

Or this one?:

Or maybe it's this guy:

Or, maybe the number is more important than the name! This guy might have something to say about that:

If Kara really is the "reborn" Daniel ... maybe this is what the transition looked like as the goo John/Cavil poisoned turns he into she:

absurdum absurdum invocat


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