Boo! Kitchy-kitchy-koo Kara ... it's me, your dead burned body ... here for gratuitous appearances [like Romo's last two eps anyone?]

Ooh, and Barry SLickalo is going to serenade you (my hollow eye sockets can see the future!) "At the Co-pa, Copa-Gal-ac-tica ... you'll learn secreyeyets ...."

Oh, oh, and look who's here at the bar!
The Fab Four ... "Reunited and it feels so good ..." It's just so great that so soon after an attempted coup that Cylons can sit openly at the bar/lounge and have some algae booze and just, you know, talk. (Hey, is that a black guy? They're rarer around here than Cylons!)

And later, there's some Cylon girl-on-girl action ... those 8's all look alike don't they?

And then poor Boomer is going on trial, but I hear they got her a really great old-model lawyer and the judge is kinda slow but reliable.

Oh, and Kar, thanks for the lipstick ... I neede
d to doll it up a bit.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible that the finale might make you take back the hate filled ranting you've been doing for the last few weeks?

radii said...

It's not hate - ever

You forget, I love the thing

snark, maybe

bitchiness, yeah

bitterness, at times

disgust, in growing measure

... but when this show soars, no one is a bigger fan or sings its praises more highly

Potiphar Breen said...

Yeah radii, you are correct.

A show like BSG needs to maintain, well, it's DIGNITY.

When the man or men with the vision simply abandon all reason, go to a daytime soap format, and tie up so many loose ends artlessly, it's contract with loyal viewers is broken.

Lawyer Romo should sue on behalf of all of us.

Anonymous said...

The piano just did it for me this week. Is it safe to say that the last episode of Galactica started 2 weeks ago?