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... and it's 12 Apostles
io9 quotes GP about The Plan "It's more about the Cylon perspective, and so we went back and we dealt a little bit more with Boomer and some with Cavil. And that kind of threw me for a huge loop because there are a lot of scenes that aren't explained, so as actors we fill them in ourselves as best we can. And somewhere along the line, I think it was when I got the script for The Plan, they offered a bunch of new information that really didn't fit with what I had sort of built everything else on for the last four or five years. So I kind of feel like I've built a stick house on a pile of rocks that can all just fall down."
All fall down indeed ... what's that line you say on MadTV Bobby Lee?

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The Plan, written by Jane Epspensen

New Showrunner for Caprica, Jane Espensen

Weakest writer on BSG, Jane Espensen

Number of seasons you can expect Caprica to run: