At last, some science fiction to go along with all the action-adventure and war movie stuff.

We see Ellen's POV as she emerges through the light symbols of the Cylons into a goo tank where she wakes up (a Centurion takes note) and a blurry POV shot (probably Anders as he wakes up in sickbay) of Tigh and a bug-eyed Kara.

We're going to get answers finally I guess. She draws Tigh's picture, we see the other Final Fivers and the rebel Hybrid. And we see a Cylon fleet complete with Resurrection Ship.

Later in the clip Ellen stands over something (unseen) that sparks or flares [perhaps the barrel-fire in the underground bunker on New Caprica - after she had been poisoned and wakes up], and the very end of the clip may allude to the Ship of Lights.
As usual the Canadian Space promo is much more interesting than the US SciFi promo:

We see Sam looking all Man Who
Fell to Earth from a flashback or before brain surgery; Ellen saying "I'd do it all again"; the sea where Saul and Ellen died when it was a bank; Kobol ruins; supernova on the algae planet; Sam during the resistance on Caprica; the Centurion walking Ellen(?) down the hall (some woman, wearing a knee-length black dress or robe) of a Base Ship (or perhaps it's Roslin to the room with Ellen if the awakening happened on the rebel Base Ship); Adama and Tyrol noticing the Galactica is falling apart; a rectangular doorway with light spilling out; Sam telling Kara to get the other Fivers because he remembers "everything." [Unless PC guest-star-brain-specialist provides yet another countdown clock device - he has to go into surgery now! and the tell-all is aborted] Overall, No Exit looks terrific.


Anonymous said...

Ellen stands over something (unseen) that sparks or flares... that is an old clip from Precipice. You say u watch this show?

radii said...


I don't memorize the show, I watch it - good eps more than once ... not being so enamored of the whole occupation subplot that detail escaped me

If they are going to use Ellen on New Caprica (either flashback or new scene) maybe they will at least give us a moment of her alone and we'll find out if she was cognizant of her status as a Cylon or if she was in the dark like Tigh, Tyrol, Anders and Tory