We haven't yet had the explanation as to why and how clone Kara appeared on the scene - what's the chain-of-custody on that missing ovary? (hopefully we won't have the Piano Player tell her that she's a "song" he wrote) but we're getting closer to that.

e images of "Earth" illustrate how the big fake-out has been set up for the this is the real Earth reveal. The one with the Florida peninsula clearly visible was shown to us several eps back and later, in Revelations, several fleet vessels screamed down to a planet surface obscured by clouds only to find a Cylon civilization in nuclear ruins (along with Brooklyn Bridge remains).

Many other blogs and scifi sites have already covered the whole star-pattern issue and this guy called the 13th Cylon early on. A brilliant post covers the 13th Cylon issue and has an interesting take on the plant Roslin found and took with her.

So, kids, we've still got another ride - Terra, or whatever they're gonna call 2nd Earth - and a thirteenth Cylon model to meet.

Who could it be?

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