We just can't ignore the obvious anymore.

When and how did it happen?

1. The prolonged Pegasus subplot / Razor
2. Baltar giving the tortured, bitter Six a nuclear weapon
3. Fast-forwarding the story over a year [at the end of Season 2] / Cylon explanation for ceasing of hostilities prior to Occupation
4. Lee getting fat / Lee-Kara-Anders-Dualla soap opera
5. The Woman King, Black Market and Sacrifice
[SciFi numbskulls demanded more stand-alones]
Kara and Anders' tattoos and marriage

7. Showing us planet Earth from space
8. All Along the Watchtower in Season 3 finale
9. Unboxing D'Anna then getting rid of her / the easy attack on the Resurrection Hub
10. Finding cinder Earth
Ellen as the 5th

12. Never (almost never) showing what's going on in the rest of the fleet
[for an explanation of the list see 3rd post on this Comments page]

Of course there are many many amazing moments from the run of the show, and here are some of the best:

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Anonymous said...

crashdown about to shoot Cally that was a good moment