The black guy always dies (South Park told us so) ... so long Simon. Dull characters die ... so long Helo and Tory. Snarky gayish characters die ... so long Doral. Underdeveloped ancillary characters die ... so long Seelix and Racetrack.

nor characters who's dad is the star and like to see their kids working may live ... will you make it to the end Hot Dog? Since there are only 6 episodes left (or seven 42-minute segments, sans commercials) ... the writers have a lot of chaff to clear out, and a fistful of major characters will get offed too no doubt - they can get rid of Ginas, Natalies, Shelleys, and Lilas (or whatever Angeli named them) and still have the Six character around.

Unless they whip the story back into shape with the sci-fi-ish No Exit I'm getting close t
o not caring who's number gets wiped off that whiteboard.

I think the Cylon virus, Head-Six and some other plot lines have already died through abandonment, but we have spent endless scenes on the lame Baltar
messiah subplot and the Lee-becomes-a-politician arc. Galactica probably burns up in the sun (Adam
a may put her there). If that Cylon virus does make a reappearance, where does it live (asteroid belt anyone)?

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dude your not going to like tonights