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The unneeded remake of Fright Night with star Colin Farrell looks to take the box office crown this weekend, and I'm thrilled because one the best actors working will finally get a great payday worthy of his talents. [update: the movie tanked at the box office due to bad marketing] He's the big name attached to the picture and will get the big chunk of coin. Colin Farrell has done superb work in every part he's ever touched and I hope he works in film for many more years to come because he elevates the material he's in. Fright Night is his first big commercial movie in a while. He's mostly chosen more interesting character parts (The Recruit, Ask the Dust, The New World) and worked with interesting directors (Terrence Malick, Oliver Stone), although he did do S.W.A.T., Minority Report, and the recent Horrible Bosses (in a goofy character turn). Farrell is a true talent. Do one of these commercial films every fourth film, buddy, and you can have plenty of money and do the type of parts you find more challenging the rest of the time. Colin Farrell box office

REVIEW:  Terrific. A perfect remake that for once stays true to the source material in content and tone. It was light and fluffy fun then and it is that now, but updated for the times. And the always entertaining Christopher-Mintz Plasse will one day get a very meaty dramatic role and get nominated for awards.



But they didn't seem to get many takers. Not too many comments and not much buzz around their gesture.
A recent article by io9 invites readers to come up with a better ending to LOST, noting that J.J. Abrams (the show's creator) is well aware of the mostly negative response to the show's ending. Now that my brain surgery is done and I have some time, I'll finish the better version in the next few weeks. Some of the story already exists here ... we deserved answers to the numbers, time-travel, and so many other questions.