Get ready kids, the grand backstory of how a tart like Ellen is the 5th and Final Cylon is spooling up and probably at the end of the next ep, Blood On the Scales (or the one after that), we'll see that Raptor door open and there will be Ellen ... "Oh my god[s?z?]," Roslin reacts.

Love across time, piano-playing daddies, strip joints, Times Square ... I think I'm feeling nauseous.

- I'd sure like to "swirl" that


Tomislav said...

She said 'Oh my gods'. And me, I'll be so happy when this prediction turns out to be as true as your excellent theory on Leoben being, oh, someone else.

But you, you just keep spamming BSG boards with links to your ramblings, you pathetic attention-seeking slob.

radii said...

Another fan

I'm blushing

Tomislav said...

You devote all that time to make 5 crappy blogs where you can flame BSG, and mind you, flame it so superficially, without research or attention to -facts- and, well, just plain badly, then roam varius boards whoring for some attention, and I'm a fan??

I wouldn't mind your 'critique' if it weren't just soooo shallow.

radii said...

I don't "flame" BSG ... when it's good, I sing its praises to the high heavens ... when they give us dreck, I note it

As the sub-heading to this blog says: "speculation | opinion"

I don't "roam" boards, as evidently you do.

And if I'm so shallow, I wouldn't dive in head-first