The creators and writers of Battlestar Galactica like to impart double or multiple meanings, and perhaps they have done so with their choice of names. Here are a few names and some of their translations and potential meanings. Feel free to add others to the Comments.
William - will, helmet Adama - diamond, Ethiopia, Admah Gaius - jurist and writer (Roman), Corinthian baptized by Paul Baltar - places in Portugal and Spain Laura - laurel (wreath, tree) - victory Roslin - Scotland Saul - king of Hebrews, battled philistines, committed suicide Tigh - close, inclosure, Irish loch, Capt. Bligh Kara - gift, joy, dark, black, Sikh bracelet Thrace - region: northern Greece,Turkey Carl - Scandinavian peasant Helo - Helios (sun god) Agathon - physical beauty, poet, dramatist, famous, innovator Felix - happy, lucky Gaeta - coastal city in SW Italy Six - the cardinal (red) number the sum of 5 + 1 Cavil - carping criticism Leoben - place in Austria Galen - philosopher, doctor Tyrol - in Austria Sharon - forest, shrub, rose, fruit Simon - "he has heard," common Hebrew name Lee - the side of a ship which is downwind Apollo - light and truth D'Anna - Diana/Artemis: Goddess of the Moon and the hunt (region: Lake Nemi) Biers - a coffin along with its stand Sam - a judge or prophet, name of god Anders - common name, manly, different Natalie - birthday (born on Christmas Day)


Anonymous said...

barney :: purple dinosaur

Anonymous said...

Adama - Adam - original man

Anonymous said...

Adamas doesn't mean diamond. It is the Greek root of the word. It is Greek for unconquerable.