Much better. Leather Sharon is given the heave-ho (see booty-licious CGI version below), and the countdown clock ticks away, 16 hours ... Gaeta looks around, he's in pain, everyone else is asleep. He pulls out the Morphine that his boyfriend Hoshi gave him prior to his departure and shoots up in a rough-and-ready red spot in the crease of his arm. Nice Sharon sneeks a peek. Crossfade to countdown clock and now 4 hours have gone by and Gaeta wakes up and nice Sharon wakes up and she suggests the old stick-the-wire-into-the-Cylon-palm trick to find out their exact location and has an eXacto-knife in hand when Gaeta notices the murderous red-shirt isn't moving and tries to wake him (which wakes the other sleeping crewmembers) - a couple needles fall from redshirt (he shot-up Gaeta's stash! ... or did he?). ... Immediately the helmeted Raptor pilots accuse nice Sharon of killing him (he was a red-shirt after all, so, yes, he's dead Jim) and Sharon is tied up (but I think she kinda likes it). So the lifeboat gets a little lighter and suspicions get a little thicker. Seven out of ten Galacticas.

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