A bloody Gaeta is on a Raptor "Nine Days After Finding Earth" and we see flashbacks (names on paper) of violence and a bloody hand (did another Sharon stick a wire in there?). "Three Days Earlier" (so six days after finding Earth) On the C&C, Tigh is in command(?) ... Gaeta, sporting a new prosthetic leg (and walking cane-same-side a la Dr. House), is ordered by Tigh to take R&R on the Zephyr (the ship with the big hoop - looking pretty good despite the major damage it took in Season 4, episode He That Believeth In Me). Hoshi gives Gaeta some morphine to take with him and then gives his boyfriend a goodbye kiss. Two Sharons pile in with some red-shirts and off the Raptor goes, Gaeta has two crutches this time. En route, Lt. Hoshi comes over the Comlink with a warning, "Draedus contact, incoming hostiles" ... the entire fleet jumps away and somehow the Raptor ends up in space alone. Dunno if Bamber or Callis directed this one - has the feel of the show. 4 Galacticas out of 10.

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Just posted a link to your article on my own blog. A good start, lets see where it goes!