CLUE UPDATE 8 thru 10

The latest from the Sci-Fi Clue Site: 8. Video Clip: Baltar attempts to seduce Tyrol into becoming a religious follower of his message 9. Video Clip: Adama (with weird echoey voice) demands a gun from a soldier in a corridor and goes into his office and says "Sit down Cylon" probably to Tigh (not seen) 10. Video Clip: Gaeta sits with Baltar and smokes a small cigar and tells how he thought he'd end up an architect, then finishes with "I hope that people realize, eventually, who I am," - this seems to indicate delusion, narcissism and a bit of megalomania and Baltar seems stunned by what he's hearing. Then in echoey, surreal voiceover we hear Baltar say "I know who you are." [Now, if Gaeta is the Final Cylon, what a letdown, in that he seems insubstantial. Somehow Gaeta is in control of this meeting and Baltar's eyes show concern - even fear] [Clues 1-7]

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