15. Audio Clip: Gaeta: "We're communicating with Colonial One" Adama: "Let's hear it" Lee: "What do you want Gaius?" [Much high-rate interference - sounds like computer language] Baltar: "...If you feel [inaudible] ... stop this madness ... our little secret ... If you hunger for redemption I'll lead the way ... Felix, please listen to me" - message cut off. Seems to be from the Zarek coup subplot.

[Revised: 1/1] There has also been released a new set of teasers, but the one with Roslin is the good one: We see Roslin holding a plant on crispy "Earth" and pondering that, yes, things grow there. It is Roslin burning the pages of the book of the Old Gods and crying, and we are told she's, "lost her faith." Then images from the Opera House vision/dream and Roslin walks deliberately one way, Hera another with a voiceover saying she's "haunted by something in her past."

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