The image says it all. Roslin is the 5th. Baltar makes the next best choice. Then Dualla. Even though the webisodes pretty much vetoed Gaeta's chances, he's still more likely than any other lesser characters. My January 2008 post on this blog predicted Roslin or Baltar. The only two likely candidates from SyFyPortal's list of five candidates were Roslin and Gaeta, and Gaeta's stock dropped quite a bit after the webisodes.

D'Anna wasn't psyching-out Roslin when she told her she was the Fifth and Final Cylon (after her rescue from being boxed on the Cylon Resurrection Hub). She was fascinated that Roslin didn't know and merely sought to prod her. Only this explains why D'Anna said, "the four in your fleet," once on the Galactica when all along it had been the Five the rebel Cylons were seeking. D'Anna already had Roslin on her damaged Base Ship.

This Kamala-induced vision is probably where Roslin learns the truth about herself. When she does the fleet will most likely divide into two factions as represented by the Last Supper image (one with the book of the Old Gods open the other with the book closed) - putting her at odds with her love Bill Adama.


toomanytribbles said...

wasn't it supposed to be somebody not pictured in the last supper?

radii said...

they did remove Roslin from the Last Supper image in the 7th clue on their Clue site


toomanytribbles said...

ah... sneaky!

Anonymous said...

What is this certainty based upon? Where's that image from? Do you have some sources that back this up?

radii said...

simple deduction

the subtitle on my blog says
"speculation" "opinion"

kate545 said...

Really, anything less than Roslin as the fifth would be a let down. I mean, Duella??? Really, that's not really worth waiting for.