14.Video Clip: Adama enters his quarters in a hurry, takes a drink, washes his face, looks in the mirror and catches the reflection of something that horrifies him. He turns abruptly and looks up at the wall near the ceiling - there is a huge tear. Is it a metaphor for the ship coming apart at the seams? A representation of the wear-and-tear on this vessel after several years without dry-dock and a refit? Is it indicative of his pschological state? All three? [Galactica is falling apart yet Zephyr gets rebuilt?]
Sitrep has a couple new trailers posted and what's new is Tigh walking into the water (Neptune?), and Roslin appears to go blind and is apprehended. The Last Supper Image shows Roslin and Adama on opposite sides of the table, Roslin's faction with the Book of the Old Gods closed, Adama's with the Book open. The Roslin clip starts with her burning Kamala and reading again the prophecy of Pythia (or it is her hand tearing pages from the book as seen in earlier trailers).

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