Ep. 4 They decide to dump the leather Sharon body but worry about losing air in doing so. The weasily mechanic denies pulling the insulation from the pliers. Gaeta tells them all to "shut up" and without investigation makes the claim that it was "an accident." Another flashback to the list of names and Gaeta asks nice Sharon to try to find them. She says the "Ones keep good records." On the Raptor nice Sharon foreshadows her wire into hand idea to Gaeta. Three Galactictas out of 10.

Ep. 3 Red-shirt mechanic lifts a Spock panel and looks at the "scrubbers." Gaeta flashback to New Caprica with the nice Sharon showing him a list of names. Leather Sharon tries to fix what red-shirt mechanic could not. She is electrocuted and dies. Gaeta notices that the pliers red-shirt handed her have no insulation. Four Galacticas out of ten.

Ep. 2 On the Raptor the stranded passengers wonder what happened. The Sharons raise the threat of the Cavil Base Ships, and Gaeta reminds them the Galactica knows they're missing. Jump drive doesn't respond, a red-shirt kisses his Poseiden medallion, to which one of the Sharon comments: "We're a long way from water." Technical discussion about a random high-energy particle flipping a bit of data and randomizing their jump coordinates. Leather Sharon recognizes star patterns with her naked eyes and nice Sharon cozies up to her former lover Gaeta from the New Caprica days. Meanwhile, back on Galactica, Geata's boyfriend Lt. Hoshi pleads with Tigh (still in charge) to let him take a Raptor and go look for "Felix," and mentions it's been over "two days." Start the countdown clock, only 20 hours of air left ! ... cue suspicious looks among the passengers (Hitchcock's Lifeboat anyone?). Five out of ten Galacticas

Click on Galactica Sitrep link upper right if you want to watch the clips. On their site they have a clip with writer commentary from Jane Espensen, who informs us that Col. Tigh is the authority figure because Eddie Olmos was busy directing and acting in The Plan (the 2-hour Cylon perspective story to air after the series). Espensen further mentions a coach and Pyramid players so that story must be partly about Sam Anders being a star player and Six going to see the games.

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