Once again Sci-Fi has technically mucked-up their jewel in the crown ... with Amazon posting all the webisodes (but #9) [revised 12/30 - Amazon took them down] here (backup here [scroll down to Post #7]).

Hoshi and Racetack on a Colonial Raptor search for our wayward lifeboat with fewer live bodies. Gaeta dreams of recent events, wakes to find sweet Sharon has untied herself and tells her he was going to untie her anyway. He gives her the scalpel he's hidden away and with the others still asleep she slices open her hand and he inserts the blue-flashing wire (complete with moans to complete the stupid sexual penetration metaphor). Cable laid, Sharon projects - flashing back to an intimate candle-lit encounter with Gaeta on New Caprica which is crosscut with a real kiss between them in the Raptor, then Sharon intones: "I found it. Memory address 5-A-2-5 ... Get ready for the jump ... Felix, I'm taking us home." Five out of ten Galacticas

The Galactica's Raptor is still looking for our lost little Lifeboat. Sharon jumps the lost Raptor with the rest of the crew still asleep (conserving oxygen) and the countdown clock now shows less than 9 hours. Gaeta rushes to wake Finn and Esren(?) but they be dead, having had their throats slit in Grand Guignol style. It's looking like our sweet little Sharon is perhaps Sweeney Todd Sharon (or crazy-in-love-stalker-to-Gaeta-Sharon) and he looks to her with a Oh-no-you-dint look and she gives him an Oh-yes-I-did look back. Five out of ten Galacticas.

This episode could be titled "Betrayal" or "Felix Pulls Out." Racetrack and Hoshi are still searching for Gaeta and the lifeboat Raptor, and Racetrack tries to talk Hoshi into abandoning the search since they are just jumping randomly in hopes of finding it. Hoshi has an introspective moment and there is a momentary flash of the murdered Esren and Finn (is Hoshi psychic or gimmicky editing?). Cut back to Felix Gaeta in a panic over the dead all around him. "Sweet" Sharon tells him "I picked you over my own kind, over my own model ... I did what you couldn't do," "We needed the air." He looks at her with horror - how could she kill so easily? Flashback to Felix sleeping after sex with Sharon on New Caprica and she passes off a note to another Sharon and says "Kill them all." That note of names we saw earlier in the webisodes. Back on the Raptor the horror of it all settles in - Gaeta got played. [Prediction: this Sharon is a Boomer Sharon and is trying to find Cavil, not the fleet] Eight out of ten Galacticas.

EPISODE 9 (Coming)
... for some reason this ep isn't up yet on Amazon but Gaeta and Betrayer Sharon fight to the death and guess who wins ...

No countdown clock, so it must be down to the final minutes. Gaeta seems all alone and is now covered in blood - so did he kill Sweeney Sharon? Gaeta finds his morph pack and has 2 doses left and shoots up again into that red hole in his elbow crease. Panting, crying and sad, he pulls out the other syringe dose (a lethal amount as foreshadowed earlier) and hesitates ... he sings that song again and in his delirium he barely notices the light from a vessel jumping into his Raptor's zone. Hoshi and Racetrack have found him - the sole survivor (Betrayer Sharon must have been offed in a fight in ep 9). Crossfade to Gaeata on stretcher being wheeled into the medical bay. He's got some 'splainin' to do. We do a camera pan across the fleet to the Galactica - and back inside C&C Tigh tells Gaeta strange things can happen at sea (Poseiden would know wouldn't he?) and says the Old Man (Adama) isn't inclined to look into the issue lest he risk the alliance with the rebel Cylons. Gaeta quietly but sternly protests that there shouldn't be an alliance and says he wants to meet with Adama directly - Tigh says he can talk to him at a meeting later that day. Shortly after Hoshi approaches him in a corridor and it is implied that Gaeta will seek out Zarek and instigate or help in Zarek's coup efforts to come. Four out of ten Galacticas.

In total these webisodes didn't lend much to the overall story. They didn't even serve as filler, coming so close to the return of the series.

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