[potentially mega-spoilery] New Sci-Fi teasers (click Sitrep link to view) ask us Who Is The Final Cylon? Then they show an image of Helo looking at Dualla with concern, Laura Roslin on the rebel Base ship, Baltar on the rebel Base ship, Romo being pushed around by armed marines, and some guy with an underbite with a gun to his head (is that the guy from the Tillium processing ship?). Another shows Kara in front of a burn area in a field of dead grass "What am I?" Then the juicy stuff: (see image montage) ... Tyrol touches the ruins of a temple wall and has a profound flashback - did he destroy Earth? Or is he merely holding an avocado?

Is this a blond Adama? [the hairdresser on the Galactica puts in summer high-lights?]


ACyclcUniverse said...

Tyrol is clearly holding a fruit, (a Kiwi, most likely) in some sort of market on Earth, before nuclear explosions begin to rip apart the planet.

The man holding a gun to his head appears to be Adama, and his hair coloration is just the lighting in the Raptor.

Dear Gods, i can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

nuclear avocado go boom