CLUES: 7 DOWN, 23 TO GO . . . . . .

Ron Moore and Sci-Fi are ladeling out the clues prior to the January 16th air-date on the official site You Will Know the Truth. There have been 7 so far, with 23 more to go the next 43 days. Here's what we've been given so far: 1-Quote, 2-Quote, 3-Audio Clip: Leoben asks Kara, "What is it? What does it mean?"

4-Video Clip: President Lee Adama Press Conference - blanked out audio of him saying something in response to a question asking the identity of the Fifth and Final Cylon, then regretting what he said. 5-Image: Black and white picture of a Cylon fetus floating in some sort of amniotic fluid or in mist with the red-light-spine glowy thing happening 6-Video Clip:Head-Six (in a teal dress) asks Baltar which of the Old Gods he would be and asks him to imagine what kind of man he would be if he took on the Old Gods 7-Image: Last Supper minus Roslin

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