11. Audio Clip [with masking static]: (perhaps Leoben or Lee Adama) "Every revolution begins with one small act. But I hope you know how serious this is." [Crowd noise] Unknown voice (perhaps Leoben) "[inaudible] ... Administration" Unidentified male voice, "You know what I'm talking about" Another unidentified male voice (possibly Baltar) "Our little secret" Kara (or possibly Sharon): "Or anyone else" Gaeta: "A pity frak is out of the question then?" .... distant church bells toll (12 times of course)
12. Video clip: A fire warning sounds as Kara listens, then goes to a corridor and asks former Pegasus pilot "Zerchak(?)" why a pilot is in charge of evacuation. He tells Kara hatefully to "Take your frakkin' hands off me. Gods, nobody even knows what you are anymore." She doesn't trust him and heads back in the wrong direction (she senses a false alarm and possible mutiny?)

13: Video Clip: Old scene [From Guess What's Coming to Dinner] of Adama, Tigh, Roslin and Helo discussing a plan [to hold onto the Five until they reach Earth ... meanwhile Natalie and her rebel 2,6,8 alliance with one rebel Base Ship had their own double-cross in the works if you recall] This is only interesting if it shows Adama setting them up ... we now know Tigh is a Cylon as of this scene so only Roslin or Helo could betray the secrecy of the plan and casting suspicion on them seems the only reason for showing this clip

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