This is the most important sequence in the whole story of Battlestar Galactica. If the cycles of time repeat then the end must be the beginning. The story began with Six and it should end with her. In the miniseries we were left with a great mystery: who was the person she was meeting (that we did not see) after she met up with Baltar? Most likely this person is the fifth and Final Cylon. Roslin will have a memory flashback or a dream at the same place, where she is crying/laughing in the fountain ... is this after her cancer diagnosis? In a dream/hallucination where she realizes something profound by returning to this place?


Ben said...

The main problem I have with that theory is that if Six had met the Fifth in the market place, we all wouldn't be wondering who it is, would we?

Caprica would have the memories post-download, and would be able to identify him/her.

The only ways i see this working is:

a) She met with the Fifth but didn't know they were a Cylon


b) Cavil truly is the "keeper of the keys" as RDM has hinted in the commentaries, and erased her knowledge of the incident post download.

radii said...

I like both a) and b) theories