New to me - LOST Untangled is on the ABC website and uses Muppets to re-enact the previous episode and explain it - hilarious


Potiphar Breen said...

OK, here is where I went wrong, Radii.

B4 lastnoc’s episode, I read online another reputable spoilerish predictor/depicter who warned us all to "get out our hankies" and tears will be a-flowin by the end of the episode and a mention of a 'major character dying'...

So I watched with rapt attention and waited, and waited and waited… and said..."Huh?"

Oh my, what a throw-away episode, Radii!

Twas kinda like the "LOST" blackstoneversion of that BSG info-dump episode from a dainbramaged Sam Anders, only with a lota less info being dumped this time around.

One of the ‘I wonders’ I had was this:

I wonder just how Widmore’s mortar/cannon found the exact location of the beach with Locke and his crew when Jack simply swam there…line of sight from Hydra Island perhaps? The GPS WAS destroyed by the Man in Black, so how did the exact coordinates get so quickly into Widmore’s ordinance’ sights?

And is there no LOST episode next week on the 27th…what’s that about?

Potiphar Breen said...

I don't really enjoy the Muppets for some strange reason nor do I care for the "Family Guy," "King of the Hill" etc. at all...


I would LOVE to see a South Park version of LOST...yes, I could see it now...

"You killed Juliet(or any other killed Lostie)!"

"You bastard(s)!"

OH, yessssssssssssssss.

radii said...

yes, I had the queasy feeling I got from No Exit (the Ellen re-emergence) ep of BSG ... but it wasn't as bad as that ... but it was a wham-bam-tie-it-up-Ma'am kind of ep ... I'm not likin' this everyones' paths cross at the same time stuff