Just look at the audience's faces! Okay, so this is just a clip from the mincers over at RuPaul's Drag Race - but I have a feeling LOST audiences may react the same way to some of the coming revelations ... Sawyer becomes the new Jacob! If you want a Galactica-Science level analysis (why did you take the site down Michael Hall?) go over to at-largely, where investigative journalist Larissa Alexandrovna has applied near superstring-caliber analysis to the plot machinations.

And here is Xavier: Renegade Angel, set to music, with a different kind of trippyness not so far from the LOST world ... here's Hulu's Xavier content


Potiphar Breen said...

Well Radii, that WAS unique!

The best I could come up with is the soon to be released "The Human Centipede."

It's a REAL MOVIE, not soon to be on SyFy methinks.

Please Googlefind and watch the trailer and see if that 'floats your boat,' so to speak.

I miss the Black Rock all ready!

Anonymous said...

yes, I saw the Centipede trailer and the kook playing the insane doctor is the German actor who played Mantrid in Season 2 of LEXX ! Udo Kier doesn't get all the wackjob B-movie scifi villians!

- radii