Well, let's see ... take one plane crash (or several), one mysterious island, a smoke monster, some secret g
overnment science/military program, time-travel, electromagnetic disturbances, ghosts, a nuclear bomb, and bunch of intersecting lives and what do we get?


Potiphar Breen said...

Lets see...what do we get...?

A frackin' mess, that's what!

Potiphar Breen said...

Radii says this:
"Well, let's see ... take one plane crash (or several), one mysterious island, a smoke monster, some secret government science/military program, time-travel, electromagnetic disturbances, ghosts, a nuclear bomb, and bunch of intersecting lives and what do we get?"

OK; here is my solution which will not be popular but is the only one that will 'satisfy the writers' as big shot honcho Damon Lindelof once said, along with such reveals as 'dead is dead' and 'they are not in purgatory,' etc.

Remember, there are only, what, 7 or fewer episodes left to tie up all these plot devices and human dramas into a satisfying believable curtain call.

Here goes:

On the 815 flight, a writer is pondering a most difficult set of plot twists within a overly long novel he has spent many months or years working on. That writer is - or may be - Jack, who fancies himself as an up-and-coming novelist who places himself into everything he writes kind of like Walter Mitty daydreamed about being...he may or may not fall asleep or perhaps just daydreams of solving the complex character development he has overextended himself into: characters with considerable history to them and how their possible outcomes fit into the overall scientific and supernatural scheme of his novel.

Basically that’s it.

This is the only sure way to end an almost impossible series of events over the past many years of scrambled egg episodes of science, religion, superstition, magic, and individual and intersecting personal dramas, without performing a vast information dump like BSG did with Anders’ bullet to the head.

All we need is another drab, anticlimactic reveal like Ellen as the 5th Cylon did to completely rain on our collective LOST parade.

One last thoughtful twist.

If the über-beleaguered novelist turns out NOT to be Jack…
…in a totally apropos ending - and with a pov shot 1st person through the eyes of that perplexed writer – he calls for a another drink to his first class flight attendant, who turns out to be Kate, who brings him another double straight whisky.

In closing scenes, the camera slowly pans around (like it did with Locke) to see the writer’s face who is…Stephen King!

For who else besides the master King would write these super complex novels like “The Stand” and the über lengthy Dark Tower Series?

Well, it would indeed satisfy the LOST writers and wouldn’t violate any Damon Lindelof rules or reveals, would it not?

Just a thought, Radii; just a thought.

radii said...

but you left out the punchline, Potiphar ...

a passenger next to author King leans over to him and asks, "Is that your latest novel?"

... to which King replies, "Well, yes, it's a first draft - I'm on my way to deliver to my publisher for its print run."

Potiphar Breen said...

The definition of an 'aha moment.'

You said it, my friend!

Potiphar Breen said...

BTW Radii:

Where did you get the South Park version of the LOSTIES?

Any good links with the kids?

They are my favs as I could never quite get into the Family Guy art or characters.

My personal past alltime comic book character hero from those long ago hippie days was Wonder Warthog (http://www.swapmeetdave.com/WartHog.jpg), who reminds me so much of Michael Moore.

Sorry for the digression...I just experienced a time flash in my 'package.'

radii said...

I just Google Image searched LOST characters and the LOST-Park characters came up ... the ones I really liked were the LexxPark characters and here's a link to some


Potiphar Breen said...

Ok Radii, THIS is my favorite South Park Lexx takeoff...I'm gonna make a t-shirt up sometime...

photo at:


Potiphar Breen said...

I mean 'non-LEXX' as it's FARSCAPE...see I don't even know which show I miss the most!

radii said...

It sure does feel like a desert now on tv in terms of sci-fi programming - just Star Trek TOS reruns on the local station - no BSG, no LEXX, no Farscape, not even mediocre stuff like Stargate SG1 ... the occasional Legend of the Seeker and its New Zealand forests have to do ...

Potiphar Breen said...

I cannot believe it; you must be my long lost brother Radii.

I was afraid to mention the Seeker here as I afeared you might think me a wuss or worse!

All I can say is: Cara and Cara and Cara...hot tight leather cordovan leather jumpsuit...OH, yessss!

radii said...

all those New Zealand produced shows at least know how to make their episodes entertaining if not, er, great art ... and who knew the guy who played the helicopter nerd in Road Warrior was actually a good actor?