This latest episode - The Last Recruit felt forced. For a brief time while watching I got that queasy feeling I had during the No Exit episode of Battlestar Galactica ... but the feeling passed because the LOST ep wasn't nearly as bad. No Exit is where BSG totally lost it and just became terrible.

With Last Recruit, we've seen some worrying signs, but the show
didn't step over the line ... yet. Way too many loose threads were sewn together - from Sun seeing Locke on an ambulance stretcher right next to hers as she's being wheeled into the Emergency Room, to cop Sawyer catching Sayid at his girlfriend's house, to a shiny new sailboat MIB/SmokeMonster/Locke had hidden away, to Jack ready to operate on Locke, to Ilana at the office to - and this was the big groaner - reunite Jack and Claire - who ends up being Jack's sister (oh, and I'm sick of Crazy Claire anyway). It was a most inelegant episode and I hope the nadir of what's left - I certainly expect better from here on out.

The Billie Jean King lookalike who works for Widmore calling in missile strikes on MIB/S.M./Locke was just stupid - no way around it. Even if they hit him dead-on, er, couldn't he just transform into smoke and have the missile and explosion harmlessly pass through him? I must say, I think the LOST Untangled spoof is better than the ep.

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