io9 is reporting that a call sheet was found for the final ep of LOST and that it gives away some juicy details. The link is above and you can read what the call sheet says on the shooting schedule, and it is exactly what I expected [hightlight below section]

Jack sacrifices himself to hold MIB/SmokeMoster/Locke on the island, so he is the new Jacob after all ... with Desmond the facilitator ... so Jack and Locke will be forever in battle: the father/son dynamic of their early bond torn asunder and twisted all around

It sounds chilling, the way they have the showdown set-up ... and it leaves us with our primary antagonist and protagonist for the inevitable movie version


Potiphar Breen said...

Really good find and theory as per usual, Radii!


I just cannot wrap my pea brain around all these years of episodes of science and deliberately avoided theology to have the island be a cork in-between Heaven and Hell AT THE VERY LAST MOMENT!

And Damon Lindelof/Carlton Cuse said in a podcast a loooooong time ago that the Losties weren't in Purgatory, but they COULD have left out the clincher word "YET" so as not to be caught in a big fat lie.

Shades of "THEY ARE ANGELS" to neatly solve the collective BSG conundrums.


I can see it now...just like the cheerful tableau at the end of "Return of the Jedi" with angelic appearing Ben (? coincidence with LOST) Kenobi, Yoda, and Darth Vader-less Anakin Skywalker...

...At the top of that island waterfall, as we look down and see Smokey Locke struggling with his hands around Jack's neck... glimmering shimmering angels Jacob and Man in Black (actor Titus Welliver) along with Caprica 'slinky red dress' Six and Gaius 'eternally nattily attired' Baltar looking on approvingly, perhaps even one of them throwing two stones - black and white - over the falls.

Or not.

Potiphar Breen said...

On a separate SG Universe note:

Did you get a chance Radii to see just how GNARLY my fav actor Robert Carlyle is looking nowadays?

Space is not kind to him at all.

And are you as annoyed as I am with that Ming-Na character? Gods, I wish some alien would vanish her next episode.

radii said...


I haven't watched SGU in a while - it started to bore me but I'd kill off half those characters, especially the fat geek Seth Rogan twerp ... he should be obliterated or eaten by some nasty aliens mid-sentence to shut him up

... my guess is LOST will set up the movie, so we have to end with our protagonist and antagonist locked in struggle (Locke/SmokeMonster and Jack) and the other main characters they want back still alive (Sawyer, Sun, Kate, Hurley, Desmond, Ben, and a few others)... probably some on the island others back on the mainland so I'm thinking we end with a re-set to the new "sideways" timeline with Jack and Locke the only ones left on the island (maybe Ben and Sawyer) and a possibility left open that the timeline can be upset again (probably by Eloise and/or Faraday)