Egads. Caught up with End of Line on Hulu. Could this show get any more soap opera? Hey, Bonner Hammer, are you drawing the 13-45 female demographic you targeted? I sure hope so, because there is little here to watch other than weepy wimps spiral around one another in their despair. Sad wifey and the musical dirge almost made me want to slit my wrists!

Daddy Adama finally finds his daughter - and she turns in a Sofia Coppola-level acting performance (circa Godfather III) before popping Dad right out of the virtual New Caprica forever. She's going to stand alone in the virtual world! Who cares? Why is this character even in the show? Is the to be the Yin to Zoe's Yang? (sigh) ... they have made a good actor, Esai Morales, into such a pussy it is hard to watch. To appeal to a female audience you don't need to turn the men into women Bonnie Hammer.

Dyke-y schoolmarm has a face-off with a kinda weak guest star playing the fellow terrorist in the infinity symbol-one god faction and yet another subplot is introduced (a power struggle among the monotheists) ... yawn.

The story is finally pushed forward with a little exposition from the defense contractor lady and now 100,000 robots are to be delivered like today (er, did anybody build any?) so now Zoe/Cylon must bust out and she reveals herself to nerd-boy who works for Daniel Graystone and he freaks and hits the alarm. Her first murder - he deserved it and off in the Mom minivan goes our Cylon escapee! A couple ships from Aliens chase her down a deserted highway and the other schoolgirl (Zoe's friend) is supposed to blow up schoolmarm to prove her terrorist worth (as her part of the bargain for getting the robot smuggled to Gemenon - are you following - do you care?)

So our mid-season cliffhanger leaves us with depressed wifey having jumped into the river from a high bridge (or did she?), schoolmarm escapes explosion by seeing depressed wifey, Daniel Graystone's world is crumbling, Zoe is off to the robot races, and a bunch of other characters are doing stuff that's in the scripts too. This show is lame.

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Potiphar Breen said...

Look...I share my disgust for Cy Fly's Bonnie Hammer...

Any executive who equates a science-fiction genre with professional [sic] wrestling as collaborative entertainment really must be suffering from a hormonal change of life series of events.

As a porcine Brando once mumbled: "The horror...the horror!"