Egads, so early into this show's run and it's strayed so far afield of its ties to Battlestar Galactica that it's hard to even know what the show is about. We got to see the Adama clan be very Tauron and do their version of sitting shiva for the dead, complete with some clapping (here, I've put a link to another famous clapping situation) ... Adama senior's hunky gay brother takes his shirt off to reveal Maori-like tattoos (why, exactly?) and we got to watch the other chick stuck in this version of the Matrix meet some unsavory characters and de-rez them (Tron, LawnmowerMan anyone?) and earn gold coins like in an 80s era videogame. Subplots galore - board meetings (Robocop), the dreaded word "closure" was uttered - ugh, the virtual nightclub world turns out is part of an entire surreal city (Dark City, Bladerunner, Sin City, etc) ... too many ideas - none fully formed (other than let's film the robot and switch back-and-forth between it and the girl!). As Michael Kors says, "You need to edit edit edit." The Esai Morales character seems weak, unfocused and ineffectual and he's supposed to be the rock of the family that later gives rise to William Adama, Admiral of the Colonial fleet fleeing the Cylons? The show has elements that look good, and a couple interesting things happening but overall so far it's pretty bad. It doesn't know what it wants to be when it grows up.


Buck said...

No, the characters aren't developed yet, and that's where a bit of patience on my part comes in. Hopefully(!) the writers will take their time and flesh out the tale without resorting to 'God did it.' Joseph Adama's development into an iron willed Godfather *could* be very interesting.

As to the connexion with BSG, I'm happy with that. I think Caprica should be judged on its own merits, as opposed to how well it memorialises BSG.

All in all, I'm not particularly impressed yet, but it's still early.

radii said...

It just doesn't feel very sci-fi ... and there is no reference at all to "when gods and man lived together" from their past - there is nothing supernatural, nor much gods-reverence - which we were given to believe from BSG, informed their society ... the show could coalesce, but it is all over the place so far

Potiphar Breen said...

"we're still collating..."