First big misfire of this final season - Sawyer and Miles are cops. And Evil Locke says, "I'm the smoke-thing." And Locke has a heart-to-heart with Kate (I wanted Oprah to mediate). Locke is better as the scary, silent enigma.

Yet another small island, yet another plane, yet another group of survivors (well some were decaying an
d drawing flies) ... oh, and the submarine, "He's waiting for you." And guess who's back, the architect, er I mean Charles Whitmore, and he and his people are looking to catch and/or kill Smoke Monster/Locke. Plane or sub - what will Sawyer take? Lots of flashbacks with character overlap: Kate-Sawyer-Miles-Charlotte. Hope next week is better (Richard's story)


Potiphar Breen said...

Look on the bright side, Radii: All these LOST episodes an not a single mention of God OR angels!

But I do have a super-ending-spoiler from a most inside production source:

The final candidate is...is...



Anonymous said...

... and I heard there was a salary dispute ... he's real street and wanted lots of bitches, bling and Alpo