With the guest appearance of Zoe on last week's LOST, the clues are lining up

Zoe is the last letter of the alphabet, or
Zed for 0 ... Zoe looks like Billie Jean King, who was/was not afraid of the male penis the way Zoe here is/is not afraid of the gun Sawyer holds to her face ... Billie Jean King ended male dominance of tennis in the so-called battle of the sexes in the 70s ...

Zoe will be the agent that brings to an end the domination of the Smoke Monster on the island

The Legen
d of Billie Jean came out in 1985 - numbers which add to to 23 - Jack's number ... the movie starred two actors named Slater (Christian and Helen), one male who represents the female-oppressing monotheism of Christianity and the other, female, who represents the pantheism of nature-worship and multiple gods of both genders

Michael Jackson's Billie Jean came out in 1983 - Michael Jackson's initials, MJ, add up to
(M=13, J=10) ... 23 - Jack's number ... 1983 adds up to 21, plus 2 for the two years until LoBJ came out and that equals 23. It's all about Jack ... and Billie Jean, er, Zoe will help him realize that

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 add up to 108 which, if you subtract fr
om 350 = 242 ...2+4+2 = 10 and the dollar is divided by units of 10. Now $3.50 is what the Loch Ness Monster kept trying to get from Chef's dad on South Park in the Succubus episode ... the word succubus has 8 letters (Hurley), one vowel (U) used three times which if added to the one representing the vowel equals 4 (Locke), and if you take the one vowel (1) and put it in front of the five consonants you get 15 (Sawyer) ... Sayid (16) is part of the code 1623 that activates the security fence that can keep the evil Smoke Monster out so he will have to work with Jack - Since 42 is Sun/Jin we can split that in two, or 21 each, when added together makes 3, but since there are two of them it is 6 which is the same number of Wimbledon titles Billie Jean King won! [Who knew this would be so easy to figure out?]

Here's someone who explains the meaning of numbers even better than I do

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