I wasn't going to watch this show but as I'm often up very very late I catch the 2am or 3am reruns and so I'm current to the episodes.

Daniel Graystone:
Ineffectual and dull as dirt. Mrs. Graystone: Shrill, stupid and a bore. Adama by Esai: Hemmed in so far by bad scripts. Robot/Lolita: the cheerleader on Heroes is more interesting. Mobster Brother: Actor betrayed by bad writing. Schoolmarm: Only character I like or have any interest in (and that creepy robot/computer entity behind the "confessional" screen). Grannma Adama: backstory we don't need. Little William Adama: actor is good but he's pretty irrelevant to the story. Virtual Clubworld/Etc: Eh, seen it all before. Representation of Caprica and the other Colony worlds and people: Pretty terrible, almost no difference and more like Dark City than Ancient Greece. Production Design: the one truly bright spot - slick and nice-looking. The Plot: Drags on interminably when we know what needs to happen next and want to get the fuck there already without the side-steps and diversions. Longevity: Methinks this model will last but one year

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In a related note - via io9 comes this question posed by John Rogers:

"......if you were giving the box set (of Battlestar Galactica) to a total virgin, would you suggest they stop watching at some point, and if so, where?" - http://io9.com/5491939/when-to-stop-with-bsg