Er, no one spoke up at the demographics meeting (about appealing to women and tweeners) that the robot coming out line was really stupid? Daddy, inside this robot body there is a real girl!

Nothing says love like a father exploiting a childhood fear and burning his daughter to show he loves her!

addy's so mean - don't make me shoot the dog!?!

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Potiphar Breen said...

Yep, I see it coming...Vergis is gonna steal the Bot and the bot will reveal itself with predictable deadly results.

Of course the wackjob mother will see who it is any day now 'cause she sees dead people. Ya think?

I wonder how long it will take for Missy Botchick to snap Daniel's unshaven neck?

And, for the first time, I don't give a flying frack about ANY Adama at all...so boring, so unnecessary...so uninteresting.

Have Patience, Potiphar.