Well, this was a set-up episode that had little content.

Unless you count the dull-as-dishwater Sun/Jin backstory (there's a sink right there in that restaurant kitchen and Jin doesn't have Sun wash her bloody hands?) How and why Sayid happened to be the contract killer who killed the other contract killers hired by Sun's daddy to finish off Jin is about all that is of interest there - like if we were still in season 4.

MIB/Smokemonster/Locke can't cross the zapper fence. He goes all the way across the island to get Sun then bops her on the head and leaves her there?

Billie Jean King (oop, I mean Zoe) and Whitmore bring "the package" on their mini sub, and it's Desmond?

Desmond and Sayid have a nice stare across the water? Don't ask, don't tell.


Potiphar Breen said...

And it figures, Radii...

Desmond is one of my least fav's after Jin and Sun. Bloody actors with heavy accents...

(I do like Mikael though...met the actor once up in Bass Lake)

Even the sub - minding it's own business - starts looking like it's going to be known as 'Battlestarfish Galaga.'

So rub our faces with them thar' BSG plot disappoints whydoncha you, you, WRITERS you!

To The Writers: As a Great Python once said: " I fart in your general direction!"

P.S. Would someone (like Sayid) PLEASE take out that Billy Jean King biotch? PLEASE!

radii said...

We know she's going to die - hopefully dragged off by Locke/SmokeMonster and then her bloody corpse will be staring up at us through those smartypants glasses

I'm hoping the wwwriters get it on-track for something satisfying at the end

I figure Desmond is really back to bring Faraday back into the picture

Potiphar Breen said...

I read someone's very very short blog comment somewhere that answers everything for me; I wish I thought of it first.

Damon Lindelof the co-creator and executive producer said somewhere that the finale would not satisfy all viewers but it WOULD SATISFY THE PRODUCER AND WRITERS!

I won't even mention it Radii unless you would like to see it here; perhaps you have a fav final prediction of your own?

I'd like to hear it if you do...might be fun.

radii said...

Yes, Potiphar, please - this is a spoiler site - put it up ...

My prediction is that half (the ST's) stay on the island and half (the LO's) get to go home - probably with no memory of what happened - on a new timeline. MIB is now Locke - who will have died in his fall. Hurley never wins the lottery. And the balance of good and evil is re-set with new players on the island - replacing Jacob, original MIB, Richard, et al.