Still in no hurry to go anywhere, we now have more story streams to follow. The wife has a past as a wack-job, but wait, maybe she has religious visions - which interest her new alcoholic best friend - the Sappho schoolmarm. She sees her long-lost dead brother. Daddy Adama finally makes it to Virtual Caprica (which seems to have leftover battles and a the look from Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow) ... and I'm sure it will take him several episodes to finally find his daughter (ho-hum). There is a subplot with a business rival from another planet battling Daniel Graystone (ho-hum again), and the subplot with the nerd who works with the robot I guess fits the tweener demographic. We had to watch a dumb representation of Pyramid which looked just like the set and game that 7of9 played in a Voyager episode. And next week we get to see daddy lecture his teenage robot. All that's missing from this show is Natalie Wood and flip hairdos.


Potiphar Breen said...

Radii says:
"All that's missing from this show is Natalie Wood and flip hairdos."

Here's a very old Caprican joke:

Q: "What does Natalie Wood have in common with the first Cylon?"

A: "They both can't swim."

("They both don't breathe" is acceptable)

And they sure do have flip hairdos, albeit it's more like a chrome Mohawk.

Anyhow, you are correct Radii: it appears that the writers are screwing this up already big-time…prolly the same “talented” people making the same mistakes over again.

After all,

All this has happened before and will happen again, eh?

(sound of choking on bile in back of throat)

radii said...

well said!

you reminded me of the time I was looking at the footprint impressions of the stars in the cement outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood after a rain and found Natalie Wood's shoeprints, with puddles of water in them - Brainstorm indeed

Potiphar Breen said...

...She's a wack-job AND a physician, Radii!