Laura Roslin seems to be the front-runner for the Final Cylon. I made that call on this blog a year ago. She is the best choice. Entertainment Weekly seems to be the first place NBC-Universal (SciFi/USA) goes to promo the show and they got the Last Supper image first. EW has Laura as their second most likely choice at 8-1 and she is a fan favorite for the Final Cylon as well.

Many of the new ads (with white backgrounds) have Mary McDonnell as Laura Roslin. On the leaked Amazon free webisodes (before they were taken down) the link button to "Face of the Enemy" was Roslin's image.

This latest image of Roslin seems to show an interesting light pattern in her eye. Just the reflection of the lamps used in the photo shoot, or carefully chosen points of light (I count eleven)?

SciFi is running in heavy rotation a snippet of Adama saying "I won't betray my beliefs." Er, I don't recall that he expressed strong beliefs about much of anything other than that he should be in charge. He thought Earth was a myth, and seems dismissive of all the visions people keep having and only reluctantly put his faith in Roslin's view that they should run rather than fight. And when he found out Tigh was a Cylon he had a breakdown. He seems to believe in duty and honor but it's not clear what religious views he holds.

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