[Update 1-16] Three of the final four clues are up as of 3pm PST. Here they are:

27. Still Image: Kara (probably - maybe Dee), as a little girl on a red bike - on a photo in a locker door.

28. Still Image: Kara sits at an old beat up piano with a new character and together they play. The guy has reddish hair so it could be Xeno Fenner.

29. Text: A countdown clock, which reads 22:59:44

The SciFi clue site put up 7, count 'em seven, new clues - all video snippets - today. Mostly more backstory on the Zarek coup and Gaeta's role in it. Here's the breakdown:

20. Video Clip: Kara descends from her Viper in the landing bay to join Adama, Roslin and Lee as they approach a Colonial Raptor that a Sharon (weaing a Cylon flight suit) emerges from - screen goes dark and Roslin says "Oh my god," (singular) ... probably it is the 5th or someone they all thought was dead (Ellen? president Adar?) ... or it is Geata, sent as Zarek's representative after the coup.

21. Video Clip: corridor interactions - 1st, Lee and Adama follow Roslin and Lee tells Roslin that they need to tell the Quorum "something" and that it should come from "their president" (meaning Roslin) - Roslin gives him a blank look and walks on ... 2nd, Tigh approaches Adama immediately after the above and says "Bill, we need to talk," Adama pushes past him, ignoring him, and Tigh continues (to himself) "I've got things I've gotta explain." Michael Hogan does his best lost puppy.

22. Video Clip: Roslin didn't go blind [self-reference to an earlier analysis of an earlier shorter version of this clip] ... on the Hangar Bay a respectful and appreciative crowd is assembled and waiting as a Raptor door opens and Roslin, Adama, and Lee emerge - dressed in combat fatigues. They all look to Roslin. There is some kind of subplot with Seelix and the old dude from the Hangar bay as they get extra screen time - maybe they were traitors but repented? Roslin is taken aback and wants to say something but can't find the words. She whispers to Adama, "Get me out of here," and she marches purposefully through the crowd to an eruption of "Madam president?!" - the people want answers. At the end of the clip a bit of confusion erupts and Roslin is jostled about. This must be after the coup is over they've won - but loyalties were tested.

23. Video Clip: Adama calls Roslin in her quarters on the Galactica but she ignores the phone buzzing. She lays out an array of her medication - piles of pills, ponders them then pushes them off the table, then the bottles as well. Momma ain't gonna take her medicine no more.

24. Video Clip: Roslin and Baltar have a private chat in a storage bay - no doubt being housed there during the Zarek/Gaeta coup. "Who would have thought? You probably knew him better than anyone back on New Caprica," [in reference to Gaeta] says Roslin ... to which Baltar replies, "Obviously, his loyalties were divided even back then ... seems we both made pretty bad choices when it came to our presidential aide d'camps, wouldn't you say?" [his reference is to Tory]

25. Video Clip: More of the annoying Baltar messiah subplot, Baltar screams to a crowd of followers, "It is God himself who should come down here and beg for our forgiveness!" ... which sends the crowd into a frenzy - the crowd including Tyrol and HotDog - who see each other and approach one another through the crowd.

26. Video Clip: Baltar on a Galactica phone - "What do I want? I want this to stop, right now, this is madness." [more Zarek coup subplot probably]


ChrisD said...

Thats not athena getting out of the raptor, its a cylon flight suit. So either someone unexpected is being delivered to galactica by the rebel cylons or by Boomer.....
Though presumably someone dead enough to provoke that reaction.

Anonymous said...

erm, I don't think that scene were roslin, lee and adama get out the raptor is after the coup :S It's when they come back from seeing Earth. You have no idea what the hell you're writing sometimes >:(

radii said...


Corrected: Sharon was in a Cylon flight suit


Yeah, the clothes would be right for your interpretation ... but the focus on Seelix (and whatever that green thing is in the old guy's pocket) is what made me think there was a subplot and only something related to the coup made sense

Adam said...

That's NOT a countdown clock in clue #29 - that's the time 10:59:44pm (EST) at which the third cylon's identity will be revealed and we will "know the truth" IMHO. Adam