17. Video Clip: From the Demetrius subplot - the crew, led by the cocky red-shirt who dies in a later episode, questions Starbuck's humanity. On cue, she enters and shows who has the biggest pair.

16. Audio Clip: Spooky, echoey, ethereal mostly female voices - snippets of dialog weave in and out. Six: "Do you remember what we said when we set out?" Unknown: "... is all we have left" Kara: "How we talked about trying to return today" Unknown: "Earth?" Roslin: "I'd like to live a little before I die" Lee: "We believe it is a Cylon beacon" [this clue appeared 5 days late - perhaps a replacement?]

At last, stellar writing! Betrayer Sharon: "I'm a woman. And a Cylon. I didn't seduce you, hope seduced you, and the more you ate of it the more you saw what you wanted to see," "I'm not a monster. We're in a war. You kill the ones you have to, what probabilities dictate. You kill the ones your enemy values." We see a flashback to the Baltar/Gaeta cell chat and finally hear what Baltar whispered to Gaeta, "I know what your Eight did." Nine out of ten Galacticas


Jonathan said...

This is what I've managed to work out

Female Voice I believe to be either Roslin, the Hybrid, or unknown person
: (Do you remember what we said on Galactica?)((Not solid on the Galactica part))

different female: How we talked about living for today

3rd female: Maybe today is all we have left?

"Insane female": Does it look like like an urn?

Roslin or Hybrid It makes more sense to me if it was the Hybrid since she's never been "alive"
: I'd like to live a little before I die

((((There as some short words I cant make out here))))) Starts with an H though

"Insane female": What do you think?

Lee Adama: We believe the fifth cylon to be... (cut from a previous clue)

Tigh or older man (Definitely not Cavil): Fight for them

Anonymous said...

Its "the Galactica" not just "Galactica"

radii said...

you teased more out of than I did ... you're right about the Lee line - it is from that other video clue about the 5th Cylon

... these "clues" are really just toys for us diehards to play with before the real game starts up again ... so far they've been so much atmosphere and very short on specifics