[Super-spoilery ... or Foilery] As the big moment for Battlestar Galactica's return approaches with tomorrow's broadcast premiere of part II of Season 4, a new front-runner has emerged for the Final Cylon (based upon spoilers floating around the internets) ... sources who claim to know are saying it's [highlight for answer] ..... Ellen.

A baffling choice in my view - she frakked Cavil all that time on New Caprica and rather lamely tried
to rescue Saul Tigh, her husband, while being used and Cavil never figured it out? If he did, then he is more insidious than we imagined [cue diabolical laugh]. I sure hope this isn't true. If it is, than kudos to Katee Sackhoff for her wonderful acting in this video clip in a below post where she faked revulsion at the idea (it's hard to lie in split-seconds like that).

Like nerdy kids without Prom dates poor Roslin and Baltar would be left to contemplate their own egos if a tart like Ellen is the 5th.

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