At long last, the Final Cylon is revealed tonight at the end of the episode according to Ain'tItCoolNews (they got an advance screener with the big moment cut). Gaeta's stock has dropped in the wake of the webisodes. Spoiler chatter have been pushing Ellen into the lead and throwing cold water on Dualla, while Roslin remains a contendah. A couple left-field theories are coming up the outside: Head-Six and Kara's mommy.

*Clues 27, 28, 29 are up [see post below]


Anonymous said...

coming up from the outside is Kara's Mommy, dropping back is Geata - he's got a bum leg it looks like ... Ellen pulls into the lead - she's an old philly but a real performer ... but wait Roslin is now neck-and-neck on the inside with Head Six ... it's gonna be a photo-finish between Ellen, Roslin and Head-Six

Alex said...

I am kind of confused by the latest episode. I was thinking that it was either Gaetha or Dee, but in the episode it shows it as Starbuck, but then at the end it shows Ellen as the final cylon...does that mean that theres more than one remaining cylon? (e.g. both Starbuck and Ellen, and possibly more?)

Anonymous said...

Doesn't show it as Starbuck, she's a clone.

Anonymous said...

Big Momma Six ?

- radii