ep   6-15     4 May 10   Across The Sea
ep 6-16 11 May 10 What They Died For
ep 6-17 23 May 10 The End (1)
ep 6-18 23 May 10 The End (2)

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Well, this was a set-up episode that had little content.

Unless you count the dull-as-dishwater Sun/Jin backstory (there's a sink right there in that restaurant kitchen and Jin doesn't have Sun wash her bloody hands?) How and why Sayid happened to be the contract killer who killed the other contract killers hired by Sun's daddy to finish off Jin is about all that is of interest there - like if we were still in season 4.

MIB/Smokemonster/Locke can't cross the zapper fence. He goes all the way across the island to get Sun then bops her on the head and leaves her there?

Billie Jean King (oop, I mean Zoe) and Whitmore bring "the package" on their mini sub, and it's Desmond?

Desmond and Sayid have a nice stare across the water? Don't ask, don't tell.



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Are they pulling BSG type clues? Have our LOST characters divided into Black Rock and White Rock camps? I don't see Richard. I don't see Jin. Charlotte end
s up evil? No Claire. I figured Desmond and Faraday would be back, but not that Miles would survive to the end.

Or, if we go by the backgrounds, then the LO people get to go back to the big city and the ST people stay behind - with Locke the new Man In Black and Sawyer our new Jacob. Sayid gets to live? Ben leaves the island? Hmmm. Hmmmmmm. For whatever it's worth the
numbers on the left add up to 89 (Sayid-16, Jack-23, Sun-42, Hurley-8) and those on the right 19 (Locke-4, Sawyer-15) - totaling 108 of course (I know, Kate ... see below). We're talking active numbers - not those people who have had their numbers crossed out (like Ben) on the lighthouse gear.

Well if the BSG Last Supper pic was so simple as to be left-to-right L (Laura) N (Natalie) Tigh to reveal the final cylon as represented by the missing person behind the Grail cup (ELlen Tigh), then maybe the new LOST poster is just as simple ... B S K J S H D (if we add numbers based on the alphabet of the initials to the characters' names = 73) ... L C S J F M (adding = 61) ... 73 - 63 = 10, or 73 + 63 = 136, or 73 X 63 = 4599 ... or, er, maybe not

Now, upon closer inspection (namely at this website ... great close-ups) it appears Kate too has a number - as shown on the lighthouse panel, and it is 51 ... that revises the number to 159 if we add her to the others composing 108, and there goes our Valenzetti equation - so maybe Kate saves the world?

In an earlier post I pointed out that Jack's number, 23, is the only prime number among those left and it should be noted that 1-5-9 are the next sequence of
three digits that follow 3.14 in pi (3.14159265358979323846 .... ). 159 is also a Woodall Number ... but what is of note is that Woodall numbers are conjectured to be composites (nearly all). Kate (51) surviving might tip the balance from the 108 of the Valenzetti end-of-the-world timeline to a reset state due to her compositing her number with the others'. Here's Wikipedia on the number 159 (are you reading Larissa?)

So Kate will tip the balance somehow (the bad girl made good) to fracture the Valenzetti equation and save the world - with Locke the new MIB and Sawyer the new Jacob on the island, with Faraday forever hitting that reset switch?



I loved the episode ab aeterno (trans: since the beginning or for long ages) - Richard's story. It featured a wonderful performance by actor Nestor Carbonell and a well-written backstory that featured Richard as Ricardo, a kind-hearted man from 1867 - a deeply-grieving widower who had been wrongly convicted for murder while struggling with a greedy doctor for medicine that could have saved his sick wife.

Ricardo is himself saved by an ancestor of Whitmore and chained to the below-decks of the same shipwrecked wooden sailing ship Black Rock we've seen before (remember the Richard/Jack dynamite scene from last ep?). A storm hits, which we find out later was Jacob causing this ship sailing to the New World to wreck on the statue of Taweret, and thus strand Richard on the island. Everybody dies eventually but Ricardo (before he had good English) and TOSM (The Original Smoke Monster) face off - TOSM makes a couple really cool appearances where he viciously murders everyone except Ricardo (TOSM even has sparks at his tip) before Man-In-Black appears (Smoke Monster's human form) to Ricardo. A struggle ensues for Ricardo's soul. Ricardo had a vision of his wife before meeting MIB - was it an hallucination? Was it MIB manipulating/tormenting him?

Ricardo's offered a Faustian bargain by MIB and accepts, he will stab Jacob - whom he does not yet know (then living below the foot of the statue) with the silver ceremonial dagger so he can be with his wife again - but Jacob sees him coming, bests him, and offers him another deal - be the person who vets new arrivals for me, he tells him - help sort out who is ultimately good and who is evil at their core. So, in essence, we have Richard as Tattoo to Jacob's Mr. Roarke.

p to this point Carbonell transcended the script with his performance, then the writers gave him a line which served the plot but was at odds with what we were seeing. Jacob tells him, no, I can't bring your wife back and I can't absolve you of your sins (Ricardo was devout) ... then the poor forlorn fellow who seemed devastated, hopeless, and ready to die moments earlier to be with his wife says "I want to live forever" W-T-F ?? [see comments for another take on this]

Jacob and MIB have another little chat - this time on a mountainside looking over a valley, not the beach (but here's the old pic) and Jacob gives MIB the bottle of wine he had used earlier as an example to Ricar
do "Evil is like the wine in this bottle - the cork is the island, holding it here." Of course MIB smashes the bottle. Also White Rock appeared (prior to its scale days) - when Ricardo had returned to MIB after failing to kill Jacob - Jacob asked him to deliver it - clearly signaling to MIB that Jacob considered Richard in the white camp at that moment - or it's simply their in-joke - a Black Rock smashes Jacob's temple, so Jacob will turn this agent of destruction - Ricardo - into a white rock of goodness.

So the sci-fi time-travel elements of LOST fade further into the distance as we get a redux of the LEXX season 3 story arc (Fire and Water) and the end of BSG (angels, and god did it) - a showdown between good and evil as what underlies all phenomena on the island and in their lives leading up to the island.

Touching scene at the end where Hurley shows up when Richard/Ricardo has had enough (in his time-frame he's walked from the dynamite scene in the Black Rock last ep) and shouts to the air for the MIB/TOSM to honor his deal - which was an offer forever.

Hurley it seems can talk to more than just Jacob - now the dead wife, Isabella (sporting spiffy modern clothes) appears to Hurley (and eventually to Richard) and the love-through-time couple have their touching reunion - We are already together she tells him.

Hurley regularly communicating with Jacob, and now other spirits too, would lead you to believe that he is the clear front-runner to
replace Jacob, as he is clearly the most pure-of-heart. But we were left with a shot of MIB/Locke standing a ways away watching the love reunion so maybe it was MIB appearing as Isabella to both Hurley and Ricardo, and it was all a perverse manipulation.

If the writers intend one last sojourn to evil before their grand finale then it was a fake-out - but so far it seems pretty straightforward - a march toward redemption for most of our star characters.

Over at at-largely, Larissa has another similar but much more complex reading of the situation



With the guest appearance of Zoe on last week's LOST, the clues are lining up

Zoe is the last letter of the alphabet, or
Zed for 0 ... Zoe looks like Billie Jean King, who was/was not afraid of the male penis the way Zoe here is/is not afraid of the gun Sawyer holds to her face ... Billie Jean King ended male dominance of tennis in the so-called battle of the sexes in the 70s ...

Zoe will be the agent that brings to an end the domination of the Smoke Monster on the island

The Legen
d of Billie Jean came out in 1985 - numbers which add to to 23 - Jack's number ... the movie starred two actors named Slater (Christian and Helen), one male who represents the female-oppressing monotheism of Christianity and the other, female, who represents the pantheism of nature-worship and multiple gods of both genders

Michael Jackson's Billie Jean came out in 1983 - Michael Jackson's initials, MJ, add up to
(M=13, J=10) ... 23 - Jack's number ... 1983 adds up to 21, plus 2 for the two years until LoBJ came out and that equals 23. It's all about Jack ... and Billie Jean, er, Zoe will help him realize that

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 add up to 108 which, if you subtract fr
om 350 = 242 ...2+4+2 = 10 and the dollar is divided by units of 10. Now $3.50 is what the Loch Ness Monster kept trying to get from Chef's dad on South Park in the Succubus episode ... the word succubus has 8 letters (Hurley), one vowel (U) used three times which if added to the one representing the vowel equals 4 (Locke), and if you take the one vowel (1) and put it in front of the five consonants you get 15 (Sawyer) ... Sayid (16) is part of the code 1623 that activates the security fence that can keep the evil Smoke Monster out so he will have to work with Jack - Since 42 is Sun/Jin we can split that in two, or 21 each, when added together makes 3, but since there are two of them it is 6 which is the same number of Wimbledon titles Billie Jean King won! [Who knew this would be so easy to figure out?]

Here's someone who explains the meaning of numbers even better than I do



Er, no one spoke up at the demographics meeting (about appealing to women and tweeners) that the robot coming out line was really stupid? Daddy, inside this robot body there is a real girl!

Nothing says love like a father exploiting a childhood fear and burning his daughter to show he loves her!

addy's so mean - don't make me shoot the dog!?!



First big misfire of this final season - Sawyer and Miles are cops. And Evil Locke says, "I'm the smoke-thing." And Locke has a heart-to-heart with Kate (I wanted Oprah to mediate). Locke is better as the scary, silent enigma.

Yet another small island, yet another plane, yet another group of survivors (well some were decaying an
d drawing flies) ... oh, and the submarine, "He's waiting for you." And guess who's back, the architect, er I mean Charles Whitmore, and he and his people are looking to catch and/or kill Smoke Monster/Locke. Plane or sub - what will Sawyer take? Lots of flashbacks with character overlap: Kate-Sawyer-Miles-Charlotte. Hope next week is better (Richard's story)


Still in no hurry to go anywhere, we now have more story streams to follow. The wife has a past as a wack-job, but wait, maybe she has religious visions - which interest her new alcoholic best friend - the Sappho schoolmarm. She sees her long-lost dead brother. Daddy Adama finally makes it to Virtual Caprica (which seems to have leftover battles and a the look from Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow) ... and I'm sure it will take him several episodes to finally find his daughter (ho-hum). There is a subplot with a business rival from another planet battling Daniel Graystone (ho-hum again), and the subplot with the nerd who works with the robot I guess fits the tweener demographic. We had to watch a dumb representation of Pyramid which looked just like the set and game that 7of9 played in a Voyager episode. And next week we get to see daddy lecture his teenage robot. All that's missing from this show is Natalie Wood and flip hairdos.



An investigative journalist I like, Larisa Alexandrovna, writes on her blog at-Largely the most compelling theory I've read so far (other than my own) about what the LOST story is about and where it's going. She's linked on this latest post to her overall theory which is dense with science. As we found out with RDM's Battlestar Galactica reboot, so much of what seemed carefully crafted story threads during a show's run do not necessarily ever get woven together into an elegant tapestry which creates a stunning and fully realized picture of what we are supposed to understand.

I think Alexandrovna is giving the
show's creators/writers too much credit. In television you never know how many years you'll get to tell your story nor if certain actors will leave the show, etc ... it is a fluid process making a television show and such a dense and richly complex theory as she has laid out seems to me to be beyond the original vision of the show's creators. If they end up there, I think it will be more through creative mental gymnastics to tie the loose threads together masterfully with what they've dangled up to now than by design. The number sequence and the importance of the Valenzetti Equation are at the heart of the mystery and Alexdrovna has come around to my way of thinking that the key is Jacob seeking his replacement.

Alexandrovna discovered through TiVo rewinds that there is a name which corresponds to one of the shows key numbers, 108. Lighthouse reflector glass rotated around a marked circumference - and at numerical marks it showed reflected images of the pasts of various show characters. Mark 108's name is Wallace ... which gave me a knot in my stomach. Remember when Daniel was referenced on BSG at the end of Season 4? Daniel turned out to be merely a word - a writer's trick used to provide backstory - a really really cheap out. We never saw Daniel, he didn't matter, we only know he was "sensitive" because we were told that, and that's all we knew. Introducing a pivotal character late in Act III is a cardinal no-no in screenwriting. If this Wallace appears and is important then LOST is taking the easy way.

The cave markings and lighthouse let us know
which numbers belong to which characters and the lower the number, the seemingly more important. The numbers are also Hurley's winning lottery ticket numbers, so clearly he is a fulcrum upon which the story pivots. He's remained alive, fat, and healthy and can see Jacob.

4: Locke
8: Hurley
15: Sawyer
16: Sayid

23: Jack
42: Sun /Jin ?

There is only one prime number among them, and that is Jack's number 23. Not only because he's the ostensible star of the show but also because of the prime (as I guessed earlier) of course Jack is Jacob's replacement. Other logical conclusions we can draw is that odd numbered people get killed first or are do not cut it as candidates, as only Jack's number and Sawyer's number are odd and not yet crossed out. This new realization causes me to amend my earlier view that Kate would be the last candidate, now I think it is Sawyer - for the dark side with Smoke Monster/Locke. If the show is to be about a balance of power between good/evil - dark/light - black rock/white rock ... then probably Sawyer will be Jack's counterpart at the end.

Why the island has its strange properties presents the chicken-or-the-egg conundrum for the writers: did human endeavor alter reality and manifest at the island or was the island always a living thing that drew its desired humans to it for its own ends? That now is the more interesting question for me.



Egads, so early into this show's run and it's strayed so far afield of its ties to Battlestar Galactica that it's hard to even know what the show is about. We got to see the Adama clan be very Tauron and do their version of sitting shiva for the dead, complete with some clapping (here, I've put a link to another famous clapping situation) ... Adama senior's hunky gay brother takes his shirt off to reveal Maori-like tattoos (why, exactly?) and we got to watch the other chick stuck in this version of the Matrix meet some unsavory characters and de-rez them (Tron, LawnmowerMan anyone?) and earn gold coins like in an 80s era videogame. Subplots galore - board meetings (Robocop), the dreaded word "closure" was uttered - ugh, the virtual nightclub world turns out is part of an entire surreal city (Dark City, Bladerunner, Sin City, etc) ... too many ideas - none fully formed (other than let's film the robot and switch back-and-forth between it and the girl!). As Michael Kors says, "You need to edit edit edit." The Esai Morales character seems weak, unfocused and ineffectual and he's supposed to be the rock of the family that later gives rise to William Adama, Admiral of the Colonial fleet fleeing the Cylons? The show has elements that look good, and a couple interesting things happening but overall so far it's pretty bad. It doesn't know what it wants to be when it grows up.