Ain't It Cool News has a couple video clips of an interview with LOST showrunner and main writer Damon Lindelof (seems like a really cool, unpretentious guy) here ... looks like 'ole radii is calling it correctly so far: down to 2 timelines and some will get off the island and some won't

- some will "go on a journey."

Lindelof plays it coy with regard to Desmond not being in the final cast photo but I take that to mean that Desmond dies in both realities in order to fracture the link once it is re-set to the Alt+B timeline.

Now, if he would just read my critique of his Star Trek ... they need to
fix some things for the next film [click image for readable screen-cap of the review]

Some spoilery info is up ... next ep, The Candidate, seems to be focused on Jack
of course [he's offered that Faustian bargain] ... and the one after that - Across the Sea - seems to deal with Jacob and MIB - and the teenage boys are them in earlier lives


Potiphar Breen said...

Looks like you have some great predictions once again, Radii!

I am trying something different this time - almost a Zen approach to the End, so to speak. I am opening my mind to all possibilities and not favoring one over another - if that is even possible in my noggin.

If I recall the producers podcast correctly, and you mentioned in your take on "Across the Sea," almost one complete episode - the one following tonight's "The Candidate," has an almost completely unknown cast...probably going back to the origins of the MIB and Jacob in their current forms.

THAT will be very interesting.

And I still wonder what things will be left unexplained: the mythology, the science, or the personal dramas?

Will we be satisfied in the long run is what I am thinking...

BTW Radii, a question for you:

You mentioned several times - or alluded to - an upcoming LOST movie or other continuation story.

I searched numerous place but couldn't find any references to or even hints of this.

Do you have any special sources or are you just going with your gut belief?

Anyway, at this point, I can't see the writers tying all things up neatly, and hope the butcher doesn't cut too much fat off the bone to get to the marrow.

radii said...

LOST movie, it's studio economics ... JJ Abrams and Lindelof have enough power they might be able to put it off a couple of years, but my gut tells me that the studio that owns it will want a film - which forces the writers to leave it somewhat open-ended or with a re-set

I mean even after the first crappy X Files movie they made another bad one
... but I bet they'd do some juicy stuff in a LOST film