LOST, my ALT+B version

I've added a Hurley scene to my ALT+B version of Across the Sea (click for that post) ... I've kept the aborted plane scene but that's all. I'll add my version of What They Died For before Tuesday night's ep. Spoilers (major) have leaked out online - the events in the final The End episode, but I'll ignore all that. You can find it on io9 and I believe Dark UFO also if you want to read it. It doesn't seem terribly interesting to me if it's accurate and not some fake-out. Like Battlestar Galactica's ignominious end, they LOST creatives seem content to just gloss over or ignore a lot of the mystery they've created.

[Synopsis - highlight]
Alt+B - Desmond is interrogated by the Police for the hit-and-run on Locke and for being at the hospital. Widmore pulls strings and bails him out - they have a talk in Widmore's car: he has indulged Eloise's craziness (as he sees it) for a long time, but her seemingly prescient knowledge made him very rich. Desmond ...

Island - we finish the Desmond rescue by Sayid and Desmond convinces Sayid that he feels dead on the island because he is, and tells him his life in Alt+B is what counts and says he can show him a glimpse of it - Sayid allows Desmond to choke him and Sayid sees flashes of the Alt+B timestream and his life with his lady love. Sayid takes the gun, sits on the edge with his back above the well and shoots himself - his body falling into the well. Desmond is horrified at the violence, but understands and runs off into the thicket ...

Hurley is seething, angry at himself for getting his group in SmokeMonster/Locke's clutches. He has caught up the group as they head toward the coast and the sub. Hurley has a rock, he works his way close to Locke and finds his opportunity and smashes his head with it - Locke transforms into SmokeMonster before their eyes and wraps its tendrils around Hurley and lifts him, choking him. Hurley is determined and stares into it. Smokey puts him down and Hurley spits the words, "You need me, and until you don't you won't kill me." Smokey transforms back into Locke. Hurley addresses the stunned group, "Until Jacob picks which of us is to replace him he won't kill the candidates - you (Jack), you (Sawyer), and me." Locke, also seething, trasforms his arm into Smokey and grabs Claire and dashes her against a tree - killing her.

more coming

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