Well, let's start with the death list and injury roster!

I think I counted Smoke Monster/Locke shooting to death 17 or 18 people, he snapped the neck of at least one other, and in his smoke form killed at least a couple more (Sayid conveniently knew how to disable Widmore's EM fence).

Crazy Claire killed at least a couple of the expendable Widmore people (but, alas, Billie Jean King clone still lives for another ep at least) ... no sign of Widmore. No Desmond this ep. What happened to Miles?

Next ep, Across the Sea, is the flashback to how it all began - the backstories of Smoke Monster/Man In Black and Jacob. So that only leaves the eps What They Died For and a 2-parter, The End to explain it all.

After this ep, I'm kinda feeling shorted. Too many of the principals crowded together but not doing much. They go to the plane planning to fly it away (er, with what runway and with blown sand in the engines and no gas?) - but Smoke Monster/Locke finds a bunch of C-4 Widmore had hidden away on the plane to blow them all up (specifically Smoke Monster/MIB/Locke because that's who Widmore is after). Locke then leads them to the sub - they'll leave that way. Jack says he'll stay behind but Kate gets shot and so he helps get her on the sub (after pushing Smoke Monster/Locke in the water they way kids at camp do) and then climbs aboard himself. Sawyer is playing boss and says to leave Claire, who stupidly doesn't seem to notice that they're leaving without her.

But wait, there's a twist! Our main characters escape in the sub, but meanie Smoke Monster/Locke put the C-4 in Jack's backpack and it has a timer, but Jack realizes they must not do anything because the island won't let them die, they can only kill each other or themselves if they try to disarm the bomb - Sawyer can't process that in his Cro-Mag brain and finishes his fit of machismo and a quicker timer now races to ZERO and Sayid suddenly grabs the explosive device and runs with it and saves most of the rest of them and gets ... blown to bits. A sub door flies loose and kills Jeff Fahey's pilot character (they kept him around all this time to kill him like this?), and Sun gets trapped and Jin decides to stay with her and they lovingly drown together. Sayid tells Jack about Desmond and then tells Jack "It's going to be you" i.e., our candidate. Weirdly, Sayid tosses that off almost as a throwaway line, mumbling almost and looking down and almost out-of-frame (writers', director's choice?).

Only Sawyer (who saves Jack), Hurley, and Kate make it to the beach. Hurley breaks down and sobs and they shorted Jorge Garcia a real moment - he could have conveyed Hurley's deep sadness and the futility of it all if they've let his emotional reaction play out longer.

In the Alt+B timeline lots of
Jack (and everyone intersecting again - Jin in the hospital hallway with flowers for Sun ... Leela - er, I mean Katie Sagal, pops up re; father stuff). Dunno what's up with the creepy dentist who seems to know stuff and intones mysteriously to Jack. The father complex stuff is played out and Jack tries to reach out to Locke who again refuses him. A music box is left to Claire and she and Jack open it but don't really listen to it's tune nor look through it more thoroughly ... oh, and bad acting alert: Emilie de Ravin (who plays Claire) didn't even attempt to move as though pregnant - that fake baby strapped to her real tummy didn't seem to weigh anything when she moved.

This episode felt very much like that Dave Chappelle skit Wrap-It-Up


Potiphar Breen said...

This epi really disappoints me too Radii; especially needlessly dragging out Dad Cooper to drool over his bib: was a bit too much of nothing special at all!

I really wished it was BJ King who got her neck snapped by Locke.

Jin and Sun...no big loss, daughter is now an orphan unless the sideways time line takes over...On second thought, I do wonder what happened to that rescued Oceanic 6 timeline when everyone left it to go to back to the island? So now we have THREE timelines to juggle?

Guess we found out why Locke ripped that watch off the dead guy's wrist, didn't we?

A better scene would be:

Sub with C4 bomb and Sayid grabbing it to run aft to the engine room...

Cut to Sideways timeline to see:

The music box Claire and Jack opens slowly for both of them to find...C4 and a timer watch with 13 seconds counting rapidly down...

Ka-chink, Ka-chink Ka-chink...wait that's "24"


P.S. What I'd like to know is someone keeping track of all of the broken deals, double crosses, promises, lies, and betrayals going on in these final episodes?

radii said...

They don't have the time left to clear it all up since the next ep is the backstory of MIB/SmokeMonster and Jacob ... what a pity. After seeing Jacob's cave with the black and white stone and the names on the ceiling and then the lighthouse with the names and numbers and the visuals in the glass I really thought we'd get answers, but now I don't think so (unless they do a massive info-dump in the What They Died For ep) ... I have a feeling the backstory of MIB-Jacob will be a let-down ... they are what should remain mysterious and not fully explained - if they make it too mundane it is Ellen as the Final Cylon all over again ... sigh

Potiphar Breen said...

I STILL shudder at Ellen being the 5th Cylon...what WERE they thinking...??? Is this crap what's happening to LOST, Radii?

Ellen reminds me of the BJ King lady somehow...unattractive, stuck in at the last moment...also a scientist...lacking in any entertainment value. Why I ask, why?

If there is a future movie outcome, I sure as hell won't be seing it anytime soon.

Potiphar Breen said...

Radii, something rather simple bothers me:

There was a way that the bomb wouldn't have gone off and killed the Losties in the sub.

Recall in the "Dr. Linus" episode when Richard and Jack and Hurley were in the Black Rock?

Well Richard wanted to die, and had Jack light the fuse...Jack said nothing would happen, the fuse he lit sputtered out, and there was no explosion, right?

So why didn't Jack just rip the watch timer off the C4 cluster, rendering it safe?

If Jack was sure of his prediction that 'nothing would happen' he should have had the balls to disarm the fuse himself instead of mincing around and letting fuckup Sawyer pull the one wire.

Jack doesn't have the courage of his convictions, does he?

Or maybe they simply should have kept Richard close to them, if only as an indestructible good luck charm...

radii said...

Yeah, it was a sloppily-written episode ... where was Richard (will we see him again?) and Miles (why is that guy still around anyway?) ... and don't all subs have torpedo tubes or some exit mechanism for getting rid of debris? They could've just dumped the bomb that way ... the ticking countdown timer is a weak plot device and that whole scene felt forced - if Jack really wanted to stay on the island no circumstance would have made him get on it ... I'm just gonna hope for better in the last few eps