The show's creative team likes to plant visual references into shots - sometimes for thematic effect, sometimes for specific historical references (usually statues), and sometimes to foreshadow what's coming. Could the blue straws, the light in the mirror and the reflection of the wing on Kara's arm be referencing the coming of the Ship of Lights - the "miracle" Sam spoke of?

[click for larger images]

And what about this rug Roslin has collapsed onto? Did she die? Don't those patterns look and awful lot like an overhead view of Cylon resurrection goo tanks? And I count 13.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Check out the mirror. the white light effect that goes around the upper right edge and top side edge, almost looks like the number 7. As in Daniel, number 7.

radii said...

I hadn't seen that.

I look like they put up bright light, draped a fabric to cover the light itself and angled the mirror to pick it up and create that diffusion effect in the reflection

... and, of course, they may be nothing to any of it

Anonymous said...

U truly are an Idiot Radii :\

radii said...

I love anonymous comments, only the best of the best post that way

such insight

such wit

ah, it warms a cold heart