In about a week we all move on with our lives, so not much reason to visit here after BSG ends (but I do hope you'll stop by Battlestar: Variant 1 because I am going to finish that story and give fans the much better ending they deserve) ... so there will many posts this week. I've found some great images and will be putting those up in posts and some humor-related stuff too.
Oh, here's a close-up of Lee's pigeon:


Potiphar Breen said...


I am still numb and cannot recover sufficiently to comment cogently right now.

All I can say is this:

A pigeon is basically a RAT with WINGS.

I am mutely in awe at the incompetence and the abandonment...

radii said...

Potiphar, your grief is shared by many. I'd recommend watching the original War of the Worlds, or Brazil, or Man Who Fell to Earth, or 2001, or some other classic film to restore your faith in good storytelling and good filmmaking (tv)

Potiphar Breen said...

I got it, RADII!

The BSG 'Final Solution.'

RDM will have the Cylon vs Cylon vs Man final battle while we wait for the NEXUS to spool by from "Star Trek Generations."

Everything will be solved that way - time travel, relativity, stray black holes, plot holes, a-h... etc. etc.

Wish Malcom McDowell was on the series BTW!