Remember that line from Aliens? This little girl survived with no weapons and no training. To which the classic retort came, Why don't you put her in charge? It seems little Hera may have to take matters into her own hands (can they do more than draw with crayons? - Don't let her touch the lighted, watery interface panel!) But as Cartman doing the little girl on South Park reminded us, they mostly come at night - mostly... he-heh

After a cra
ppy Season 4.5 and what is shaping up as an historically lame ending, I think many of us feel like how poor Sam here looks.

There are also some very disturbing indicators that we are going to get the it's all a virtual-reality scenario ending. The flashback sequences in Daybreak, Pt. I had direct tie-ins to what was going on in the characters' lives on Galactica: Roslin under the fountain suffering emotionally from great loss corresponded with her IV drip and her dying from cancer; Lee swatting at that pidgeon possibly related to him swatting away Baltar's entreaties to power? ... and is Baltar the instrument of peace? gah; Anders soaking in a sports rehab bath while on Galactica he's in a tub of Cylon goo plugged in as a Hybrid; and Caprica Six sitting in Baltar's lakeside pad drinking Ambrosia or some such which looks like the algae booze - swirling it so we see it.

Are we going to get the Ship of Lights aliens swooping in to save the day or to tell us it's all been a dream or simulation?

Or maybe no Ship of Lights and just introduced-late-in-ActIII Daniel emerging from behind the curtain?

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